Phil Murrills

artist & illustrator


Born in Lewisham, London in 1981, Phil attended school until the age of 16, when he left to study art and design at North West Kent College in Dartford. Unfortunately he wasn't happy at college and got fed up being made to make felt cushions and other things that he had no interest in, when all he wanted to do was draw and paint. After the first term he left college and disappeared into the underworld of the printing industry where he remains to this day, fulfilling the artwork requirements of Joe Public and Clive Corporate in equal measure.

Phil is entirely self-taught. Rather than feel inadequate about his lack of formal art education, he looks at it positively; he has always been his own master where art is concerned, with very little forced influence. He feels that what he puts down on paper and canvas is very much the work of his own mind.

Phil isn't trying to convey any particular message through his art. For him, art is simply an outlet for the extra stuff in his head that probably shouldn't be in there. And if people like the result, then that's lovely.

Phil lives in Barnehurst with his wife Louise, their young son and their very large and very silly cat, Hector.