Paint & Pens Paint & Pens Untitled - 30th Birthday gift for a pal Acrylic, Posca and ink on canvas. 18563705 The Kraken Posca on canvas. 9005116 DJ Silverhaze Project Spraypaint, emulsion and ink on MDF boards. 9005118 Eddie Posca and ink on cardboard. 9005144 Concrete Jungle - 30th Birthday gift for a pal Posca, ink and spraypaint on canvas. 19095703 Untitled - Commission piece Acrylics, Posca, spraypaint and ink on canvas. 27173620 Monster Mash Posca on black paper. 164210718 The Secret Tree Acrylics and Posca on board. 133575389 Totoro Watercolour on paper. 164058628 Bateman & Robin Watercolour on paper. 148409850 Bateman, Robin & Lucas Watercolour on paper. 164058697 Bateman, Robin, Lucas, Grant & Francis Watercolour on paper. 164058698 Tobias Hat Posca and ink on paper. My friend's dog who passed away. 164210744 Nekobus Faber Castell Pitt pens on paper. The ever-brilliant Catbus, or to give it it's original Japanese name, Nekobus. 175369229