Pencils & Biros Pencils & Biros Dragon doodle Biro on paper. 133571564 Hobgoblin Biro on paper. 133571565 The Wisdom Tree Pencil on paper. 74205548 Mermaid Pencil on paper. 133571568 Close Encounter Biro on paper. 133571563 The Farmers are Coming! Ink on paper. 27174189 Halloween Pumpkin Ink on paper. 27174182 Reality Impaired Biro on paper. 27174396 Quads Ink on paper. 27224357 Clown's Car Ink on paper. 27224358 Liposuction Ink on paper. 27224359 The Hitman Biro on paper. 30271922 Cross Dog Biro on paper. 133571566 Ladybird Cabaret Biro on paper. 133571567 Misery Guts Biro on paper. 164210794 Egg-209 Biro on paper. 133571922 Hedgehog Detail Detail shot of a little hedgehog being carefully watched by a snail, in case he becomes dinner. 135239508 Fox Detail This fox has discovered the joy of a simple swing. 135239509 Tawny Owl Detail The owl carefully surveys the scene beneath her. 135239510 Badger Detail Old brock tentatively pops his head above ground for a sniff of his surroundings. 135239512 Rabbit Detail The wary rabbit, always ready to run should he be spotted by the owl. The little mouse is watching the fox on the swing. 135239513 Trunk Detail The tree is a wise old sage and the haven to all the animals around him. 135239511 The Whole Piece Pencil on paper. This is the overall piece, still plenty to do! 135239507